Ysgol Ffridd y Llyn is situated in the Cefnddwysarn area, which is approximately three miles from the town of Bala in the county of Gwynedd. There are 64 children aged between 3 and 11 years on the roll, and they are organised into three mixed age classes.

Our aim is to create a happy school where everyone, children and adult do their best at all times, are enthusiastic and care for each other, taking advantage of every opportunity and experience to learn and enrich their lives. Children who are happy work better because they feel secure. If they are respected by their parents and teachers, they show respect in return and are more eager to please. We also endeavour to ensure that we are prepared to listen to children, not just to hear them, and will also be fair at all times. This does not mean treating every child exactly the same at all times.

Every child must be treated according to his/her needs and own unique personality. We aim to encourage children to become responsible members of their own school and community and to become persons who are considerate of others and of their environment. We aim to provide every pupil with the best education possible.

We attempt to respect the ideas of every adult and child within the school further developing the practice of supporting each other in all aspect of school activities. A close relationship between the home and school is essential and we know that we will have your co-operation to ensure this. If you have any questions or further enquiries on any matter, you are welcome to contact the school at any time- the door is always open.

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